October Ambassador of the Month: Amanda Williams

October Ambassador of the Month: Amanda Williams

Amanda, Mandy, is a college student, weightlifter, and gluten-free vegan for almost five years. On Instagram, @mandaliveswell , she shares fitness, healthy food, is a mental health advocate, and p...

2021Inspiring Woman, Joelle, headshot

Joelle Inspires us all on what it takes to transform at any time

So, Joelle, What made you decide to make a change in your life?   I had lost about 100 lbs twice before with traditional diets-- in my mid 20s & early 40s but always gained back the weight. ...

2021Pro-50 Probiotic

Benefits of Probiotics: 9 Reasons Why You Should Be Taking Them

Almost everyone can benefit from taking daily probiotics. Many people take them in the form of a daily pill to help alleviate a number of symptoms, often related to their digestive health. Today we...

2021A relaxed head shot about the woman featured in the blog-  Kim Evangelista

Meet Kim Evangelista - Our August Ambassador of the Month

Hello, my name is Kimberlie Evangelista. I'm a newlywed, a worship leader, and a college wrestler.  I spend most of my days working at my church, my day job, taking care of my household, and train...

2021Kerith, who the blog post is written about, is pictured in front of a sunset in Hawaii

A ‘o ia! Its possible!

Aloha, I’m Kerith. A 40 year old Wife and a Mom of two boys.  I have been following a low carb & ketogenic lifestyle since November 2019 and have lost over 70lbs. My current goals are to maint...

2021woman on a beach holding Vitamin Bounty Multi Collagen Complex

How to Use Collagen Peptides: A Beginner’s Guide

How to Use Collagen Peptides: A Beginner’s Guide Collagen  can be found within the human body. It helps keep our bodies functioning at their best but as we grow older, we naturally start to lose c...

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