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Kerith, who the blog post is written about, is pictured in front of a sunset in Hawaii

Aloha, I’m Kerith. A 40 year old Wife and a Mom of two boys. 

I have been following a low carb & ketogenic lifestyle since November 2019 and have lost over 70lbs. My current goals are to maintain a healthy lifestyle while continuing to find ways to still eat things I love. I have the most fun figuring out what those things are and sharing that with others. 

I love the outdoors & traveling and have a passion for food & photography!  

Living life is a blessing. Live it to the fullest and be a positive light for someone else. Try to remember to be kind and that anything can be done with hard work and determination. 


So, Kerith, What made you decide to make a change in your life?

I was extremely sick and had a medical condition which the doctor couldn’t figure out based on all sorts of tests done.  His only suggestion was to cut back on everything I was eating and start an elimination diet eating no dairy, sugar, carbs, etc. for 3-6 months.  It took 6 months of this for my health issues subside.


And How has this Impacted your weight loss journey?

I was on the elimination diet for 6 months, once my health issue wasn’t present any longer. From there I transitioned to the Low Carb/Keto Lifestyle slowly adding some keto foods into my diet.  It taught me how retrain my body, and to look at food differently.  I ended up loosing over 70lbs in my first 6 months and have managed to maintain after switching over to  the Low Carb/Keto Lifestyle.



How do you find the motivation to keep going, even on tough days and who/what are your biggest motivators? 

My Health is the number one thing that continues to remind me I AM WORTH IT, not only for myself but for my family.


What are your favorite products (vitamin bounty) that help you stay motivated?

Tune into keto Multivitamin

Recover on Keto electrolyte capsules

Stay in Keto MCT Powder


What are your top three ways of staying on track and staying fit?

Being conscious of what I eat and the amount of liquids I consume

tracking my meals ahead of time to stay prepared

Using intermittent fasting and only eating within certain hours of the day




Do you believe in "cheat days" or steering away from your normal routine?
I strongly believe in YOLO (you only live once), which means I like to eat things that I sometimes can’t have on a daily basis as to not deprive myself and live my life a little (after all, I am a foodie at heart) however I also remember YODO (you only die once) which continually reminds me to jump right back on track whenever I have a “cheat” meal.  I try to keep it to a cheat MEAL instead of a cheat DAY as to no go overboard.  Don’t cheat yourself.

I also know this depends on your personality type and you have to know yourself  - you have an additive personality, it may be harder on your mindset to get back on track once you “cheat”


What was your biggest mistake at the beginning of this journey? 

Focusing on the wrong things – It takes time to change your mindset but is necessary to fully recognize your journey’s potential.


What words of advice do you have for anyone who is trying to change their lives?

We may share common goals and life experiences which connect us however it’s important to remember everyone is different, everyone walks a different path and has a different destination.  Don’t compare yourself to others and don’t judge someone else.  Be on your own Journey and find happiness within yourself.  



And how can people connect with you after reading this inspiring interview?

Instagram: @onofoodieadventures

Facebook:  @onofoodieadventures

TikTok: @onofoodieadventures 

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