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So, Joelle, What made you decide to make a change in your life?
I had lost about 100 lbs twice before with traditional diets-- in my mid 20s & early 40s but always gained back the weight.  Now here I was again at 52 and about 100 lbs overweight again.  I had relocated to a state where the summers were typically 112° everyday and I literally did not move or was physical from June thru mid-October.  I was at the highest weight I had ever been and felt if I dont do something about this weight now, within a few years I could be approaching 300 lbs.  My husband had told me about a diet called The Ketogenic Diet.  Husband was a truck driver and would listen to the Road Dog on satellite radio. Although my husband listened to Road Dog everyday, he was unable to explain what the core beliefs of Keto were.  I began doing my own research to find out what is Keto? What are the food restrictions? How many calories should I intake? By January 1, 2019 I had compiled enough information to at least get started.
And How has this Impacted your weight loss journey?
I have lost 95 lbs at my lightest. I am +/- 5 lbs here and there when I eat Dirty Keto.  I am able to walk far distances & hike different elevations now  which I could barely do from front door of house to car in driveway without being out of breath.
How do you find the motivation to keep going, even on tough days and who/what are your biggest motivators? 
I would have to say that I have a great support group on Instagram that motivate me.  We actually motivate one another.   We set Challenges for ourselves and one another.
What are your favorite products (vitamin bounty) that help you stay motivated?
I do love the Watermelon GX7 Pre-Workout Drink
What are your top three ways of staying on track and staying fit?
1) Following a ROUTINE is paramount to me.  If you begin your day right -- it will end right!
2) Macro tracking is important.  Lets you know exactly what you're putting into your mouth.  Keeps you from over indulging, over serving yourself and/or over eating.

And.. Thats it! those are my top two 
Do you believe in "cheat days" or steering away from your normal routine?

I have had "cheat days" and feel its ok to not fight the temptation every single time.  Once you have met your goal and you feel comfortable that eating a cheat meal will not be detrimental to your success -- just do it!

What was your biggest mistake at the beginning of this journey? 
Listening to other people who had supposedly been on the Keto Diet who told me "If you're hungry, you eat", "there are no calorie or fat intake guidelines", "if you want to get into Ketosis faster to eat more meat". 
What words of advice do you have for anyone who is trying to change their lives?
Do your own research.  Diets are different for every individual.  Set small goals in the beginning so not too overwhelm & discourage yourself.
And how can people connect with you after reading this inspiring interview?

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