Keto School Snacks Your Kids (and you!) Will Love

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Back to school/Office season is in full swing, which means that every parent is after healthy snacks their kids won’t throw in the garbage or try to trade at lunchtime. If you and/or your family follow a keto diet or simply want to start incorporating more healthy yet tasty snacks into your lives, you’re in the right place! Today we’re diving into keto school snacks your kids (and you) will love. 


Why Keto Snacks?


If you’re not too familiar with the keto diet and what it entails, simply put, it’s a low-carb, high-fat diet. There is a wide range of benefits linked to the keto diet including aiding with weight loss and fighting heart disease, dementia and epilepsy – to name a few. 


There are plenty of keto snacks available on the market today but not all of them are the healthiest. That’s when the keto 2.0 diet comes into play. It focuses on eliminated processed foods and eating a more well-rounded diet including whole foods. While it may seem limiting at first, there are still many tasty snacks you can make at home and pack to eat throughout the week! It’s normal to have cravings so having keto snacks on hand is the perfect way to stick to a healthy lifestyle while enjoying what you eat. 


Keto Snack Ideas


Coming up with different keto school snack ideas can be a bit of a challenge. After all, there aren’t many healthy options available in stores so finding a snack option that doesn’t take much time to put together, packs well and tastes good is hard to come by! 


Here are some snack options to try out:


  • Chicken tenders - What kid doesn’t love chicken tenders? Although it could be a meal, a few chicken tenders could also be a high-protein snack. Oh and did we mention you can toss a big batch in the oven and have an easy snack throughout the week?! Grab some from the frozen section or make your own with this recipe
  • Pigs in a blanket - Regular pigs in a blanket will be high carb but this recipe uses 

Fat head dough’ to cut down on carbs!

  • Keto chocolate chip muffins - No one can resist a chocolate chip muffin! Best of all, this recipe is low carb and perfect for a snack, breakfast or dessert. You can rest assured this one will receive no complaints. 
  • Cream cheese roll-ups - This is the perfect snack because your kids can make and pack them on their own! Use this recipe to get started. 
  • Cauliflower tater tots - Believe it or not, no kid will be able to detect the cauliflower substitute in this recipe! They also pack well throughout the week. 
  • Sugar-free gummy bears - Three ingredient gummy bears made with real fruit? Say no more! Follow the recipe to prep some for the upcoming school week. You’re sure to be in your kid’s good books with this one. 


If you’re after low effort keto school snacks you can toss in a lunch bag last minute, these will be your best bet! 


  • String cheese and blueberries 
  • Carrots and coconut clusters
  • String cheese and beef jerky 


It’s perfectly fine to turn to these easier snack options when you’re busy. Adding fresh fruits or veggies is a great way to add balance to the snack and know your kid is still eating healthy. 


Meal Prep Snack Ideas ( For living your best Back in Office life!)


Keto snacks aren’t just for kids! Now that some of us are returning to the office, there’s no better time to embrace the meal prep life and start batching snacks you’ll love to eat throughout the day. 


Here are some of our favorite keto snacks to prep at the start of your week.


  • Keto muddy buddies - While this would be a hit with the kids, it won’t work for school lunches since it includes peanut butter. The mix of pork rinds with chocolate and peanut butter is the perfect sweet and salty combo. Check out the recipe to make it for yourself. 
  • Baked kale chips - If you haven’t tried kale chips yet,  you’re missing out! This healthy take on potato chips are quick and easy to make and will satisfy any salt craving. Find the recipe here
  • Strawberry cheesecake energy balls - You deserve a sweet treat every once in a while and this one is perfect! You can make 12 balls within 20 minutes and pack a few each workday as an afternoon snack. Trust us when we tell you that your coworkers are going to want the recipe!
  • Greens powder fat bombs - If you’re experienced with keto, you might be familiar with fat bombs. The main difference with this recipe is that you’re incorporating a raw greens powder to sneak in extra nutrients throughout the day.
  • Chia pudding - This might be one of the easiest and healthiest snack to prepare for a big work week! You can also mix in a multi collagen complex to build your bone and muscle strength, elasticity and more.  Get your hands on the recipe here


It’s important to look for foods that are rich in nutrients to keep you going throughout the day, as well as ones that include probiotics to help with digestion and gut health. 


If you find you have trouble digesting, taking a daily probiotic with digestive enzymes will be a game-changer. Take it when you reach for a snack and it will become part of your daily routine in no time. Chewable probiotics are also a great option for kids!


Try These Keto Snacks Today!


There’s no doubt that your kids will adore these keto school snacks. You might find yourself stealing some for yourself or making more to bring with you to work (no judgment over here!). It’s time to ditch the boring snacks you and your family are used to and switch it up with snacks that are nourishing and satisfying at the same time. What are you waiting for?

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