October Ambassador of the Month: Amanda Williams

October Ambassador of the Month: Amanda Williams
Amanda, Mandy, is a college student, weightlifter, and gluten-free vegan for almost five years. On Instagram, @mandaliveswell , she shares fitness, healthy food, is a mental health advocate, and produces balanced lifestyle content.

Thank you for allowing us to interview you, Amanda, Im looking forward to learning more about you! So, lets do it! What are your top three Vitamin Bounty products?
Awesome, So, what motivates you / inspires you?

I am extremely self-motivated, when I establish a new goal, I want to get after it. I focus on showing up everyday and giving “today’s best” the absolute best, I can do each day. Being so self-motivated has helped me grow not just physically, but with mental strength, independence, and drive - I know I can tackle whatever comes my way not just in the gym, but in the rest of my life. 
When it comes to fitness, being a plant-based athlete and a woman, I find motivation in others doing the same. I think both labels are often underestimated and finding community with other strong women and vegan athletes helps me build new goals and confidence. 

Thats really inspiring. What's the best thing about being an Ambassador/influencer?
There are so many things I love about the platform I get to share as an influencer. I am so grateful for the other people I have met online, and the community of shared interest in health, fitness, and veganism I have not found anywhere else. Expressing myself creatively has provided me so many opportunities and connections. 
I also love knowing I can help others via my platform. When people reach out to let me know their story, and how my honesty with mental health/physical health and recovery helped them, it is extremely fulfilling. In addition, I hear from followers who have been inspired to prioritize healthy eating or get back to an exercise routine and that brings me so much joy. Although it seems cliché, knowing my page helped just one person makes it all worth it.

Thats not cliche, it's such an important component of having an online voice. So, where do you see yourself in 10 years?
In ten years, I hope to be practicing my career as an advanced nurse, with a family. I hope to continue with my blog and grow in success with a wider audience. I want to continue living a life where I can share and spread an inclusive community of plant-based wellness, fitness, and activism. I am so excited for what the future brings.

Very cool! So, how has veganism impacted your life? 
Veganism ultimately brought me out of my eating disorder, and into the health/foodie community. Growing up I lived with ARFID, a rare eating disorder. Veganism opened my eyes to food as a joyful experience, beyond the dread I had known for most of my life. Veganism gave eating a purpose: for my health, for the environment, and for the animals. Exploring veganism for almost five years I have come to love all the variety of food, and cooking. Veganism changed my life, and I never intend on going back!  
Check out this amazing vegan Cashew Carrot cake muffins:
Cashew Carrot cake muffins
We see so many people turning vegan or incorporating vegan dishes into their lives- myself included! There are so many reasons to, but they are also super tasty! Ok, so to wrap up, what is your favorite quote/words to live by? 
“You have to act as if it were possible to radically transform the world, and you have to do it all the time.” – Angela Davis 
Thank you so much Mandy, your answers were fantastic, insightful and really inspiring. Keep shining! 

Follow Mandy on Instagram here: 

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