Hi Vitamin Bounty Community- I’m Rosie, single momma of Three. I am “43”. I work full time as a Orthotist. I have been living the keto lifestyle for about two years. I work out and run just about daily. I love the outdoors. 


So, Rosie, What made you decide to make a change in your life?

I was tired of having no energy and feeling unhealthy and uncomfortable with myself.

And How has this Impacted your weight loss journey?

I have been able to loose the weight (52lbs) and keep it off all while enjoying all the energy that has now motivated me to get into fitness.

How do you find the motivation to keep going, even on tough days and who/what are your biggest motivators?

My biggest motivation is seeing at how far I have come physically and mentally.

What are your favorite products (vitamin bounty) that help you stay motivated?
My go to product is the meal replacement powder in Chocolate flavor!!!

Yes! Meal for Keto is so tasty! So, What would you say are your top three ways of staying on track and staying fit?


Awesome! Do you believe in "cheat days" or steering away from your normal routine?

Cheat days are a must but I always bounce back to my regular routine with keto and exercise because it simply makes me feel best

Love that. What was your biggest mistake at the beginning of this journey?

Not knowing how much amazing keto products were out there like chocolate anything and feeling like giving up because I could not live without chocolate!

What words of advice do you have for anyone who is trying to change their lives?

Do it for you because You are more then Enough



So inspirational. Thank you Rosie! Appreciate you taking the time to do this. Interested in sharing your transformation? Email

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