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How to Get Through the Keto Flu

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How to Get Through the Keto Flu

If you've recently begun or are considering the ketogenic diet, you're probably familiar with the term "keto flu," often used to describe the side effects of a low-carb diet. A few of these symptoms include headaches, stomach pain, dizziness, muscle soreness, nausea, and vomiting.

Not everyone experiences the keto flu, and symptoms can range in severity from very mild to extreme. While it's likely that your body will go through an adjustment period, the good news is that this phase typically lasts for just one week. The important question is: how do you get through the keto flu as painlessly as possible?

Vitamin Bounty is here to help you navigate your ketogenic journey! In this article, we'll explore several ways to ease any keto flu symptoms, so you can feel well and reap the benefits of a low-carb eating plan.

1. Get the Sleep Your Body Needs

Research shows that a ketogenic diet can improve your quality of sleep over time, reducing inflammation and relaxing your nervous system. However, as your body adjusts to this major lifestyle change, you might find it difficult to fall asleep or stay asleep. A few home remedies that promote relaxation and sleepiness include:

  • Chamomile and lavender tea. Chamomile and lavender both signal to your body that it's time to wind down. Combining them in a hot cup of tea is one relaxing and holistic step to incorporate into your bedtime routine.
  • A pre-bedtime soak in the tub. Taking half an hour to decompress in a hot bath facilitates prime conditions for sleep. Hot water causes your core body temperature to drop, making it easier to fall asleep and maintain a deep sleep.
  • Dim lighting and low temperatures. Setting the thermostat a few degrees cooler and dimming the lights will signal to your body that it's time to "hibernate" for the night.

Getting adequate sleep is especially important as you adjust to a ketogenic diet, since sleep acts as a powerful recovery mode for your body. Feeling well-rested will help you better manage any potential keto flu side effects.

2. Load Up on Veggies, Healthy Fats & Protein

There's no doubt that slashing carb intake is the primary reason that so many suffer from keto flu symptoms. As your body goes through carb withdrawal, it's especially important to load up on all of the necessary nutrients your body craves. Don't worry so much about weight loss during this adjustment period—the keto diet helps people lose weight long-term, so consume what your body needs to combat side effects (rather than focusing on caloric deficit).

Examples of healthy keto meals include:

  • Kale and spinach salad topped with organic chicken breast, fresh tomato salsa, and guacamole;
  • Grilled salmon with asparagus and tomato, drizzled with olive oil;
  • A healthy smoothie with kale, Chia seeds, frozen strawberries, and almond milk;
  • Low-fat yogurt with blueberries and almonds.

All of these foods are fantastic for burning body fat, and for weight loss. Even more importantly, keto meals like these will ensure you get all of the essential vitamins and nutrients your body needs to function optimally—especially as you adjust to a low-carb diet. We'll explore this in more detail below.




3. Replenish Electrolytes

Electrolytes are essential minerals that we lose through perspiration and dehydration each day. Potassium, sodium, chloride, and calcium are all examples of electrolytes, which help regulate muscle contractions, balance your pH levels, and more.

Luckily, carbohydrates are not necessary for maintaining the proper level of electrolytes. That said, embarking on a ketogenic diet initially decreases insulin levels, which leads to your kidneys producing excess sodium. For this reason, it's important to be mindful about electrolyte intake. Foods like dairy, coconut water, avocado, and watermelon all pack a powerful punch when it comes to electrolyte replenishment.

Some side effects of the keto flu may overlap with symptoms of electrolyte deficiency, including dizziness, cramps, and mental fog. Just be sure that you're consuming the right vitamins and minerals to support your health as you adjust to the ketogenic diet.

4. Stay Hydrated

With the drastic reduction of carbohydrates comes water excretion, which can lead to worsening side effects of the keto flu. As your body produces ketones and sheds water weight, you'll need to replace the fluid you're losing to avoid dehydration.

Drinking an adequate amount of water will help reduce keto flu symptoms. Contrarily, failing to drink enough water can mimic keto flu symptoms, causing headaches, fatigue, and dry mouth. Throughout the adjustment period, it's recommended that you drink at least 2.5 liters daily to replace lost water.

5. Boost Your System with Supplements

For a bit of extra support on the ketogenic diet, Vitamin Bounty offers a wide selection of supplements to ensure your body gets the minerals and nutrients it needs! These include:

Tune Your Keto

Formulated with magnesium, potassium, and MCT (medium-chain triglyceride oil), Tune Your Keto is fantastic for electrolyte replenishment, and works to help you maintain a nutritional balance as you begin the ketogenic diet. These supplements support all of your vitamin and mineral needs specific to the keto diet, including: Vitamins A, B, C, D, E, K, B6, B12, biotin, iodine, and zinc. Tune Your Keto also contains collagen to support bone and muscle health.


Get Into Keto

Similar to Keto BHB, Get Into Keto facilitates a smoother transition from sugar to fat as a fuel source, so you're equipped with the support you need for success. This product is a must-have for fighting keto flu symptoms, enabling you to adjust more quickly to the dietary changes you're making. Get Into Keto is non-GMO and sugar-free, and makes the transition to ketosis as painless as possible!



Crush on Keto

Crush on Keto gives you everything you need to continue crushing workouts, even as your body makes the change to burning fat as fuel. This pre-workout energy powder boosts your performance and endurance, so you can get the most out of your training sessions. With beta-alanine and L-citrulline to improve your energy within minutes, Crush on Keto is designed to give you the strength, drive, and focus you need for every workout.


Burn on Keto

A powerful thermogenic infused with BHB, Burn on Keto makes it easier than ever for you to reach your health goals on the ketogenic diet. These calorie-burning supplements are perfect for those times you need an extra boost, and are especially helpful for pushing through plateaus, elevating energy, and accelerating weight loss. Speed up your metabolism and increase the calorie-burning process with BHB, green tea, and caffeine, all contained in Burn on Keto capsules.

Bottom line? The keto flu can be killer, but is far less so if you're prepared with the right foods and products. Vitamin Bounty has all the tools you need for success on the ketogenic diet. Explore our full range of keto and weight loss products today!

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