Why you should worry about gut health!

Why you should worry about gut health!

Dr. Anna Garrett is a hormone balancing specialist and women's health educator.

Dr. Anna explains that estrogen dominance creates a lack of balance between estrogen and progesterone in the body and this imbalance can lead to severe health risks for women.

Let's define estrogen and progesterone! 

  • Estrogen is a category of sex hormone responsible for the development and regulation of the female reproductive system and secondary sex characteristics.
  • Progesterone is a type of hormone made by the body that plays a role in the menstrual cycle and pregnancy.

While estrogen is essential for reproductive health, excess estrogen without adequate progesterone can lead to various symptoms. 

Gut health is crucial to maintain hormone balance. Why? Because poor gut health affects estrogen elimination.

Estrogen is metabolized in the liver and eliminated through bowel movements. Constipation can lead to estrogen buildup. The gut bacteria influencing estrogen metabolism, must be balanced; otherwise, estrogen recirculation worsens estrogen dominance.

For that reason, unhealthy gut conditions can trigger inflammation, contributing to estrogen dominance by increasing estrogen production and decreasing progesterone production.

Remember! The role of gut health is crucial, as it affects estrogen elimination and inflammation levels, impacting hormone balance. 

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