Keto Diet - Good Foods vs. Bad Foods

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Keto Diet - Good Foods vs. Bad Foods

So you’re considering the keto diet or maybe you’ve been doing it for a while and you’re not quite sure what foods you should and shouldn’t be eating. You’re not alone! No matter where you are in your keto journey, it can be a struggle to determine what foods are ‘good’ and ‘bad’ within the scope of the diet. Just because something is technically keto, doesn’t mean you should jump at every chance to eat it! It’s important to eat a balanced diet and incorporate healthy foods. This will ensure you stay on top of any weight loss or health goals along the way! 

Let’s Recap:

If you’re new to the keto diet, the overarching goal is to reach a state of ketosis. This happens when you start cutting down on carbs and increasing the fat you consume. It allows your body to reduce the glycogen and water that it typically stores, eventually  aiding in weight loss

When considering the ratio of fats, proteins and carbs in your diet, you should typically stick to around 55-70% fat, 20-25% protein and 5-10% carbs. It may take some time to get used to this ratio if you haven’t done it before. You can ease into it by finding foods that are healthy and taste great while fitting within the keto realm! 

Our  beginner’s guide to keto will help you get started on your keto journey. 

The Dilemma Between Good and Bad Foods:

Keto is unlike many other diets where you’re generally supposed to focus on eating more vegetables and protein. Of course, vegetables are great but the keto diet can be a little more complicated. You see, many vegetables are high in carbs so they aren’t always suitable for someone who’s trying to follow the diet. 

This can make things extremely confusing and challenging for those who are used to the structure of other diets. While it may take some time to get used to, it will help you achieve the results you’re looking for if you’re willing to give it a shot! 

Since foods high in fat take priority in the keto diet, you may get excited about the possibility of eating ice cream every day and losing weight. Unfortunately, that would be a little too good to be true! With that being said, there are many delicious treats and foods you can eat on the diet without feeling guilty. 

It’s all about finding the right balance between keto foods and whole foods that aren’t processed. Stick to whole foods that follow the keto guidelines and you’ll be well on your way to the healthiest version of you! 

‘Good’ Keto Foods:

So what makes for ‘good’ keto foods? You should keep your eye out for foods that are high in fat and low in carbs. Many dairy products fit the bill but it’s important to limit the number of processed foods you consume when working towards a healthy keto diet! 

Nuts, seeds, avocados, eggs, coconut milk, salmon, chicken, spinach and berries are just a few of many foods you should integrate into your diet. These foods fit into the keto diet while remaining nutritious and easy to add to many meals. 

‘Bad’ Keto Foods:

Aside from the typical processed foods you would generally want to avoid on any diet, there are other foods you should try your best to avoid. Any foods that are too high in carbs are a big no while strictly following the diet. This would be foods like bread, pasta and beans/chickpeas, for example. 

What might come as a bit of a surprise are the number of fruits you should avoid. Fruits such as bananas, apples, oranges, mangos, etc are all very high in carbs and low in fat which isn’t what you’re looking for when you go keto! Don’t let this discourage you, as there are many other fruits you can snack on throughout the day. 

Many vegetables are high in carbs as well. They’re typically quite starchy and some examples include, potatoes, sweet potato, carrots, peas, corn and more. While you may have to cut down on these vegetables, you can opt for kale, lettuce, zucchini etc, and there are plenty of delicious keto recipes online to help you find inspiration in the kitchen. 

Of course, none of these foods are truly bad but they don’t exactly fit within the keto diet. Therefore, they should only be consumed in limited quantities. 

What To Do If You Slip Up:

Look, it happens to the best of us. It isn’t easy to stick to a healthy diet all the time but it’s important to try and keep yourself accountable throughout the process. 

If you’re still struggling to find the foods that work best for you, you should take a step back. Are you putting in extra time to make a grocery list before you shop for the week ahead? If not, you should make that a priority! Put together a small list of meals you might want to make or prepare ahead of time and that way you won’t be tempted to buy unhealthy foods when you’re at the grocery store. 

This  grocery list is perfect for beginners who aren’t sure what foods to have stocked in your fridge at all times! 

What About Supplements?

Supplements can offer extra nutrients you may not be getting from the foods you eat on a regular day. While they’re great to incorporate into your diet, you shouldn’t rely on them for everything you need to lead a healthy lifestyle. Here are some supplements worth checking out if you’re following the keto diet:

  • MCT Oil - This oil is typically extracted from coconuts and has the ability to increase ketone levels, helping you along your keto journey. You can mix this  MCT oil powder into any beverage and start digesting the healthy fats ASAP. 
  • Greens - You can never have too many greens! Adding  raw greens powder to a smoothie or your water will ensure you’re getting enough veggies and aid with digestion. 
  • BHB Pre-Workout - Having the right level of BHB is important if you’re hoping to see results as soon as possible. This  pre-workout will help you stay energized throughout the duration of your workout and crush your goals. 
  • Meal Replacements - With a busy schedule, it can be challenging to keep up with getting all the nutrients you need in each meal.  Meal for Keto has the perfect balance of MCT oil, vitamins, minerals and fats to keep you going through the day!

Supplements won’t solve all your problems but they will certainly help you stay on track and get exactly what your body needs. 

Crush Your Keto Goals:

After taking a look at some of the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ keto food options, it’s easy to feel a little overwhelmed by it all. Don’t be afraid to break it down and take your time getting used to what foods you should be eating more and less of. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you slip up once in a while but try your best to get back on track. If you stick to a strict keto diet, you’ll be amazed by the results that will come your way. Put the time and effort in and sooner than later, you’ll be exactly where you want to be!

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