Facing Fears by Creating Healthy Habits

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In today’s world of social media, it can be incredibly hard to start that business, share your fitness progress or post your latest work of art without fear of judgment. Fear can be debilitating and stop us from reaching our highest potential but why is that? Why do we let fear set in and change the way we view ourselves? Today we’re looking at how we can start facing fears by creating healthy habits. Let’s jump in! 

Where Do These Fears Come From?

In order to move past our fears, we must first understand why we experience them or why certain thoughts pop into our heads. It’s completely normal to worry about what others will think about us, even if we know we shouldn’t. We’re used to looking for affirmation from others so it may take some time to re-train your brain and remind yourself that it’s something everyone faces when sharing their work online. 

The biggest problem that comes attached to fear is inaction. When we allow fear to stop us from creating and sharing, we aren’t able to properly connect with others, create stronger communities or have a real impact on the world. 

Creating Healthy Habits

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Facing your fears starts with creating good habits. This can take many different shapes, such as getting started right away when you have an idea so you don’t end up procrastinating or noticing when you’re scared to do something and confronting yourself. Start by asking yourself why you’re scared. Writing out the reasons will help you recognize how silly your justifications may be. It might be the push you need to go after what you want and forget about what others say! 

For many, good habits begin with living a healthy lifestyle. It’s not only important to take care of your immune system but to also take daily supplements that support your overall health. Of course, exercise is important for your physical wellbeing but it can also greatly affect your mental health. Try allotting 30 minutes a day for exercise. This can be walking, running, yoga or a HIIT workout. Even if it’s low intensity, your body is meant to move so it’s important to get some exercise! 

Starting to eat more whole foods is also incredibly important. Getting your body used to healthy and nourishing foods is a great way to take care of your mental health. If you’re not sure where to begin, the keto diet can help you learn about what foods you should incorporate into your meals. Green drinks can help you get more nutrients each day without having to make any major changes to your diet when you’re first starting out. 

When you’re eating well and exercising, you’ll feel much more confident in your own skin. When’s the last time you were feeling your best? Did you want to share your knowledge with others or feel like you could take on anything? When you’re healthy and happy, those feelings aren’t uncommon. Creating these good habits related to your health and fitness is directly linked to how you perceive yourself and how you think others will perceive you. When you’re truly confident in yourself, you won’t be afraid to tackle whatever comes your way! 

Facing Fears Head On

While you’ll notice a change in your overall mood and confidence upon establishing healthy habits, nobody is perfect. We all have days where we question ourselves and worry about what others might think of our success. Instead of letting fear consume you, working on facing fears head on. 

This becomes much easier when you look at fear differently. If you use fear as a driving force instead of a reason to back away from things, you’ll be much happier in the long run. Here are a few ways you can re-think fear and use it to your advantage: 

  • 1. Decision-making - If you’re scared to do something, chances are that doing it will help you grow as a person. For example, if you wonder if you should start a YouTube channel, ask yourself if fear is standing in the way. You might be scared people won’t resonate with your videos, that people will make fun of your voice or for a million other reasons. If you’re able to recognize those thoughts and combat them with the positives that could come out of you starting the channel, you’ll be more likely to face your fear head on. 
  • 2. Become courageous - Courage is built from the times you’ve been out of your comfort zone and have been afraid. If you shelter yourself and avoid taking risks or doing things that make you uncomfortable, you’ll never truly live. Your confidence will grow steadily as you chase things you’ve told yourself are ‘impossible’ or ‘too scary’ to do. 
  • 3. Developing resilience - Each time you decide to face a fear, no matter how big or small it may be, you start to become more resilient. It all starts with your mindset towards fear. When you start accepting or even inviting fear into your life, you’ll start to realize that most things aren’t as scary as they seem! It may help to start by facing small fears and as your confidence grows, you won’t think twice about doing something that used to terrify you. 
  • 5. Find compassion - Would you believe me if I told you that facing your fears will help you become more compassionate? When you’ve experienced something that’s scared you, you’ll be more compassionate to others who are in a similar situation and you may even want to help them through it. You can help others get to where you are. 
  • 6. Gain wisdom - Since facing fears requires action, you’ll learn as you go. You might fail sometimes but as you continue to get back up and try again you’ll gain knowledge and wisdom that you would have never had if you hadn’t taken a leap of faith. It’s the scary experiences that usually teach us the most, so keep that in mind next time you’re scared to put your work out there. 

Will You Start Facing Your Fears


All it takes to start making positive changes in your life is one decision. Decide today to start facing fears and you’ll be amazed by how things align. When you make a promise to yourself, follow through, take action and don’t be afraid of what’s to come.

You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain so what are you waiting for? 

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